Fingerprint Bureau

“Does man think that we cannot assembles his bones. Nay, we are able

to put together in perfect order the very tips of his fingers”.(Al-Quran)

According to the research of Sir Francis Golf;

“No two persons have identical fingerprints, even identical twins”

This is the reason why LEAs worldwide use finger prints to identify the criminals.Fingerprint expert process various types of samples enhance visible prints using a variety of instruments, photographs and also computer equipment to Identify and label latent prints.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa finger print section of Forensic Science Lab is fully equipped. It is ensured that all examination and documentation are carried out scientifically.

This section receives approximately twenty-four hundred civil, criminal and search slip cases annually from KPK’s law enforcement agencies.

Services at Finger Print Bureau:

The Forensic services provided by the FPB are:

  • Comparison of fingerprint impressions in civil cases
  • Development and processing of latent prints.
  • Search slip in criminal records
  • Proficiency training of KP police in finger prints
  • Finger print lifting from the scene of occurrence and to compare the print with impressions of suspect.