Institute of Forensic Science (IFS)

Finger Print Proficient Course

FSL Peshawar provides training to the selected officials from district Police on monthly basis. A large numbers of police officials have qualified Proficient course from this Lab since1976. FSL also provides training facilities to other laboratories i.e.

  1. Criminalist division of Sindh Police((Karachi, Hyderabad and larkana Laboratories)
  2. Forensic Science Laboratory Quetta, Baluchistan

Scheduled courses in Forensic Sciences

  • Finger print searcher course------------------------------------------   Six months
  • Finger print expert course---------------------------------------------  Six months
  • Question Documents Expert Course   ------------------------------   One year
  • Identification of Foot prints, tyre marks ----------------- ----------  Six months
  • Fire Arms Expert Course    -------------------------------------------- One year.
  • Forensic Photography--------------------------------------------------- One year
  • Narcotics course---------------------------------------------------------  Six months
  • Blood Examination and Grouping course---------------------------- One year
  • Seminal Stains Examination------------------------------------------- Six months
  • Alcohol Examination---------------------------------------------------  Six months
  • Drugs Examination-----------------------------------------------------   Six months
  • Restoration of obliterated numbers on metallic surfaces.-----        Six months
  • Crime scene investigation course-------------------------------------  One week