Question Document section

Law enforcement agencies frequently require to scrutinize or authenticate the reality of a document used as evidence in court and assistin crime investigations. These documents are called as "questioned documents.

Forensic questioned document examination (FQDE) is a type of investigation of papers hypothetically doubtful in a court of law. Its principal determination is to deliver an expert opinion about a doubtful paper. FQDE examiner is requiredby investigation officers to determine if a questioned article instigated from the identical source as reference documents, togive his expert opinion.

This section receives approximately 1200 cases annually from law enforcement agencies including National Accountability Bureau (NAB).


Services at Question Document Section:

In Identification of:

  •        Handwriting and signatures
  •        Forged Documents   
  •       Typewriters and photocopies
  •       Uncovering of modifications additions, erasures, or replacements in documents
  •        Assessments of inks and identification/type of letteringtool