Fire Arms Section

Forensic Firearm investigation is a science, focusing on the inspection of firearms and related subjects. This area of investigation examines the path of a bullet when it leaves the firearm up until it strikes the target.

This section of Forensic Science Lab conducts functional testing on firearms, analyzes fired ammunition components and find out general characteristics of rifling. Firearms expert receives approximately ten thousand cases annually from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and also from Gilgit Baltistan police.

Services at Firearms Section

This section provides services in:


  • Comparison of crime shells and test shellsComparison of crime bullets and test
  • Intercomparison of crime empties and crime bullets
  • Functionality of weapon
  • Restoration of erased number on suspected weapons
  • Detection of gunshot residues in barrel of weapons
  • Detection of charring marks on suspected clothes